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Bozza is Making MOVES

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

The pasta manufacturer will be making the move from their now iconic Hilton location, and are planning to open in Greece by the end of July.

The new location takes up one third of the old Tops at Elm Ridge, a space to the tune of 16,000 sq. ft. The Tops had been closed and the building vacant for 16 years.

Bozza’s is a family-run business, and the three “co-owners” share the title “owner.” The company was started by Michael Bozza.

“My family and I are here in… the U.S., because of pasta. My father has a degree in the ‘white arts,’ and we came into the U.S. in ’64,” he said.

Bozza learned from his father, who took his craft of authentic pasta-making around the country before coming to Rochester. In 2010, Michael knew it was time to build his father’s business back, and share it with Rochester.

He married his wife Marisa, and they opened the Hilton location about ten years ago. From that space, they were supplying nutritious and fortifying pasta to restaurants and stores across the area; including the gluten-free varieties that helped them make their name.

Not too long after that, they needed to expand. The Elm Ridge Center location turned out to be a perfect fit.

Elm Ridge Center has seen significant revitalization in the past two years. In 2021, Jay Wegman and his company, Wegman Companies, closed on the space.

He says since then, the plaza has gone from 20% occupancy to 94%. Cotoletta recently opened, as did Bert’s Bikes. Other highlights in the plaza include a cheerleading school, Walmart, a beauty school, manufacturing with Paneffort, and more.

Bozza said it was one of the few spaces that had the right combination of space and size. The space will allow them to make six times the amount of pasta.

“Right now in our facility in Hilton, if we’re producing maybe 4,000 or 5,00 pounds a week, it’s a big deal. Once we get over here, we’ll be able to do that within hours,” he said.

Bozza adde that they’ll be adding around a dozen jobs in the first year, and are looking for skilled workers. You can apply at

With that increase in production, becomes an increase in distribution ability, said owner Jake Fabry. He who started working for Bozza’s after he won a free bag of pasta, and would later found out that he and Marisa are related.

“So we work with a few national companies, and are in the process of signing some more agreements, and this just opens up a realm of possibilities that we always looked forward to, but it;s happening, it’s crazy,” Fabry said.

Fabry also said this increase in space will also allow them to help create custom pasta and other products.

Bozza’s also currently sells to Whole Foods; and while they continue to build their national profile through stores, and meal delivery services, they will are keeping local clients. For Bozza’s, Fabry said it is key for them to maintain an authentic product, with Rochester spirit and connections.

“We’ll have our regular retail shop like we had, so we hope to have that with the same feel, but then on the side, we’re going to be introducing a fast casual pasta,” said Marisa. “That’ll be picking out a pasta, a sauce, a protein, having an area to sit with some tables.”

Marisa also said that “Free Pasta Fridays” will also be coming to the Greece location.

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