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Bozza's "Artisan Dry Pasta & Flavors of Italy Collection"

Bozza's "Artisan Dry Pasta & Flavors of Italy Collection"


Introducing Bozza's "Artisan Dry Pasta & Flavors of Italy Collection" – a gift box that contains the taste and texture of Italy’s finest foods, to your family and friends' tables.


1. Garlic and Black Pepper Radiatore (1lb): This uniquely shaped pasta is accented with hints of garlic and black pepper, that enhances your favorite sauce or dish!


2. Linguine (12oz): Timeless and elegant, linguine is the symbol of Italian pasta perfection. Delicate and versatile, it pairs effortlessly with a variety of sauces, creating a symphony of flavors with every bite.


3. Campanelle (1lb): The floral-shaped Campanelle captures sauces like no other. This pasta variety is not just a feast for the eyes but a perfect vessel for holding and delivering all the flavors in each bite!


4. Traditional 25-Year Blend Balsamic Glaze (12.7oz): A true gem from Italy, this balsamic glaze is a blend aged to perfection for 25 years. Its velvety texture and rich, sweet-tart taste will add a touch of sophistication to salads, pasta and more.


5. Basil Olive Oil (12.7oz): Crafted with care, this basil-infused olive oil brings the essence of fresh basil leaves to your dishes. Drizzle it over pasta, salads, or use it as a dipping oil for a burst of herbal delight.


"The Artisan Dry Pasta & Flavors of Italy Collection" is more than a gift box; Whether for a cozy family dinner or a gathering of friends, this collection promises to turn ordinary meals into extraordinary experiences. Share the love of Italian cuisine and let your loved ones savor the beauty of "The Artisan Dry Pasta & Flavors of Italy Collection." After all, the best memories are created around a table filled with good food and great company.

  • Variations*

    *Sometimes our products in baskets may vary slightly based on availability.

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