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Bozza's Lobster "La Dolce Delizia del Mare" Gift Box

Bozza's Lobster "La Dolce Delizia del Mare" Gift Box


Introducing "La Dolce Delizia del Mare" – The Sweet Delight of the Sea– Lobster & Mascarpone. A gourmet journey that brings the flavors of the ocean and the Mediterranean sun straight to your loved ones' dining table.


1. Lobster & Mascarpone Ravioli (4-12 oz Bags): Dive into the indulgent world of Italian craftsmanship with these delicious ravioli. Each delicate pillow of pasta is filled with a luxurious blend of lobster and mascarpone cheese, promising a taste of pure delight. It's a culinary masterpiece that's quickly become a Bozza fan favorite.


2. Lobster Dip (6oz): Our Lobster Dip is a treasure from the depths of the sea. Made with succulent lobster meat and creamy mascarpone, it's a captivating blend of rich and zesty. Perfect for spreading on artisanal bread, crackers, or as a decadent accompaniment to your lobster ravioli.


3. Sugo Limone (2-6oz): Our Sugo Limone is a taste of the Mediterranean coast. Bursting with notes of sun-ripened lemons, this sauce adds a refreshing, citrusy twist to your culinary adventure. Drizzle it over the Lobster & Mascarpone Ravioli for a burst of flavor that transports you to the sparkling waters of the Amalfi Coast.


The "La Dolce Delizia del Mare" – The Sweet Delight of the Sea is more than just a gift; it's an invitation to the Italian coastline. It's a tribute to the treasures of the sea and Mediterranean cuisine. Share this culinary journey with your family and friends, and let them indulge in the elegance of Italy's coastal favorites.


  • Delivery and Storage

    Because this gift is shipped dry ice overnight, please ensure someone is available to accept the delviery and place it in the freezer until use!

  • Variations*

    *Sometimes our products in baskets may vary slightly based on availability.

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